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You got your decal in the mail. Now it is time to put it on the wall!

Larger Projects (10ft+) Professional Installation
There are a couple ways you can go:
1. We can manage, set up and schedule installation via Wall Decal World’s premier installation partner.
2. You can use the United Application Standards Group (UASG) to set up your own installation with a 3M-certified professional installer in your area at
3. Get all hands on deck and install it yourself with your own team (2-4 people is helpful)- see info below and contact us with any questions!

Smaller Projects (0 – 10ft) Self Installation
We no longer give each order installation instructions in their delivery – in an effort to limit our waste we have the below installation resources. You can click the images to view them larger and, if need be, print them. We also have included a video to help you see the process.

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