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You got your decal in the mail. Now it is time to put it on the wall!

Larger Projects (10ft+) Professional Installation
1. Full Project Management: We can manage, set up and schedule installation via Wall Decal World’s premier installation partner.
2. Certified Installation: You can use the United Application Standards Group (UASG) to set up your own installation with a 3M-certified professional installer in your area at
3. Self Install or Your Own Installer: Get all hands on deck and install it yourself with your own team (2-4 people is helpful) or have someone you know and trust install for you – see info below and contact us with any questions!

Smaller Projects (0 – 10ft) Self Installation
See below on our installation resources – you can click the images to view them larger and, if need be, print them. We also have included a video to help you see the process.

Important: Make sure to have a level handy to ensure any words or letters are straight when you’re applying your decal!

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