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General Information

How easy is it to install wall decals?
Answer: Wall Decal application is very easy! Every wall decal comes with application instructions and a squeegee. The step by step instructions that we provide will all you to apply the decal with ease and will give you a spectacular wall decal. If you would like to view our installation instructions, please do so here.

How easy is wall decal removal?
Answer: Wall decal removal is quite simple. All of our wall decals are made using removable adhesive, so to prevent damaging your wall someday when the decal is removed. Start in the corner of your wall decal and pull slowly at a steep angle. Wall may require touch-up paint or repair, depending on the age of the decal and finish of the wall.

I just painted my wall. When can I apply my wall decals?
Answer: Freshly painted wall must be completely dry before applying a wall decals. We recommend waiting a week or two before applying any wall decal to a freshly painted wall.

How can I contact Wall Decal World?
Answer: We can be reached by telephone at 1-866-456-5316, Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm ET. We can also be reached via email at [email protected] Or you can fill out our contact us for here.

What is the difference between a Cut Wall Decal and a Printed Wall Decal?
Answer: A cut wall decal is cut with a computer generated program on colored vinyl. We have a huge color palette to choose from on every cut wall decal. A printed wall decal is printed onto vinyl that is then contour cut to the shape of the design. Printed wall decals allow us to use several different colors and print intricate, full color designs printed on wall material.

Do wall decals work on textured walls?
Answer: In most cases, yes. Some textured paints, such as sandy or gritty, will cause resistance with the adhesive on the vinyl. We encourage anyone that will be applying our decals to a textured wall to purchase and try our sample pack first.

Which sample pack is right for me?
Answer: We offer a variety of sample packs for different purposes. Below is an explanation of each sample pack.
– Color Sample Packs: These samples are great for color planning before purchasing. If you are concerned about the specific shad, please think about these sample packs.
– Cut Decal Test Pack: If you are concerned about the cut decal you are looking at purchasing, this is the test pack for you.
– Printed Decal Test Pack: If you are planning to purchase a printed wall decal and want to test first, this is the best test pack.

Can wall decals be reused after removal?
Answer: Wall decals cannot be reused after removal. They will retain their adhesion, but they lose their shape when removed.

Cut Vinyl Decals

What is a cut wall decal?
Answer: A cut wall decal is made using the highest quality vinyl in one of our many colors selections. The decal is cut from a roll of solid colored vinyl. After the excess vinyl is removed, your decal is covered with transfer tape. This will allow you to peel off the back of the decal and apply the decal to the wall. If your cut wall decal has multiple colors, your decal will be shipped in multiple pieces.

Are the cut decals matte or gloss?
Answer: The colored cut decals that we sell have a matte finish. The vast majority of interior walls have a matte finish (eggshell, flat, etc) and these matte decals will match wonderfully. Gloss vinyls (available with some of our competitors) are stronger and tend to damage walls upon removal.

Will wall decals damage my walls?
Answer: All the wall decals that we sell use removable adhesive to prevent damage to walls upon removal. These decals are gentle enough on walls to be removed when you are ready, but strong enough to stick for a lifetime.

Please Note: All surfaces vary and Wall Decal World cannot guarantee the condition of your wall and therefore cannot be responsible for paint loss or damage caused upon removal.

Are wall decals safe for dorm room and apartment walls?
Answer: Absolutely. Wall decals are the perfect solution to decorating apartment walls and dorm rooms because of their ability to be removed. When your lease is up, just pull the decal off the wall! Be sure to pick up new decals for your new apartment or dorm room!

Printed Decals

What is a printed wall decal?
Answer: Printed decals are made by printing the design or illustration directly onto blank vinyl. They are then contour cut around the design and masked for application. Our printed wall decals can be viewed here.

Will printed wall decals work on textured walls?
Answer: In most cases, yes. Textured paints can affect the adhesion of the vinyl, and some uneven walls can leave voids under the vinyl. We recommend trying our printed sample pack if you worry about your specific wall being too rough for application.

Do you offer samples of printed wall decals?
Answer: We do. Our Printed Decal Sample Test Pack offer the ability to test our printed wall decals on a small area of your wall before purchasing.

Processing, Shipping & Delivery Times

What is the standard processing time?
Answer: Our standard processing for any order is 3 business days, however, it is likely that your order may ship sooner. Make note of an exact date your product is needed and we will try our best to accomodate.

How long will it take me to receive my decals?
Answer: Shipping times vary based on where you live. If you select our Economy or Free Shipping options, delivery time is 3-7 business days. FedEx Ground as your shipping option you can refer to the FedEx ground chart our shipping page by clicking here. We also offer FedEx 2Day and Overnight shipping options.

Please Note: Shipping option does not affect processing time.

Will I receive tracking information for my wall decal order?
Answer: Yes. Tracking information for your order will be provided once the order has shipped.

Do you offer free shipping?
Answer: We do! We offer free shipping on any order over $50. Free shipping cannot be combined with any other offer. For more information on our Free Shipping program, please click here.

Returns & Exchanges

Can I return or exchange my wall decal?
Answer: Any non-personalized or non-customized decals can be returned within 7 business days. Return shipping will be the your responsibility. If you would like to make a return or exchange, please contact us first at 1-866-456-5316.

Can I cancel my order?
Answer: Your order can be cancelled as long as it has not shipped. Customized orders, monograms, and personalized decals cannot be cancelled once they are produced. Due to our fast production and processing times, if you need to cancel your order, contact us immediately at 1-866-456-5316.

If my order is damaged in transit, what do I do?
Answer: While extremely uncommon, damaged packages can happen. If you should receive a shipment in which the contents were damaged in transit, please contact us at 1-866-456-5316. We will arrange to send a new order.

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