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How to use Wall Decals in Schools

Earth Wall DecalBelieve it or not, it’s already time to start thinking about going back to school! School districts are constantly using us to create wonderful custom school decals to brighten up their space. Below are 5 different ways you can use wall decals in your classroom, school hallways, an entryway and more!

1. School Logo: Whether it be your logo, your mascot or anything else that visually showcases your school, this may be the perfect decal! It is best for that empty spot in the office, entryway or cafeteria, but suitable everywhere!

2. Mission/Vision Statement or Slogan: These types of text custom school decals work great in the same areas as the logo. If you can’t find high resolution artwork of your logo, this may be a better option to display.

3. Encouraging Words: Quotes are one of our most popular products, especially in school. You can make any custom quote that you want! Just simply type the quote, how you would like it arranged and we do the rest. Large or small decals can work in hallways, classrooms, cafeterias and more.

4. Custom Murals/Posters: There are always posters on the wall, but have you thought about a poster that is already sticky on the back like a wall decal? Classroom wall decals can come in a poster size and can include your class rules or any other fun ideas you want to look like a poster.

5. Fun Designs: Do you just want to spruce up the empty space in the bathroom, hallway or any other area? We have polka dots for any space, music notes perfect for the music/band rooms, paint splatters that fit right in for art rooms, globes and maps great for social studies rooms and so much more!

Don’t see your creative idea above? Don’t worry we can do our best to do even your craziest classroom wall decal idea!

Wall Decal World offers a wide variety of decorating options through custom school decals and many unique stock designs. Each classroom wall decal is made from high-quality matte vinyl, and Wall Decal World includes a squeegee with every order to make putting up your decorations a breeze. You can call Wall Decal World at (866) 456-5316 or e-mail us at [email protected] for answers to your custom wall decal questions!

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