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Use Wall Decals to Bring Nature Indoors

B-104_Tree4Wall decals are a simple, fun way to add style and personality to any room. They are easy to use and affordable, so they are perfectly suited to DIY decorators. They are also easily switched around or removed, so they are ideal for people who enjoy trying out trends in interior design. Additionally, wall decals come in a huge variety of colors that can be matched to your existing décor. One of the most popular current trends is bringing nature indoors with floral and tree wall decals.

Flower Patch
Use wall decals to create a whimsical flower garden in a little girl’s bedroom, nursery, or playroom. She will love the bright, cheerful pops of color. Some floral wall decals come with stems so you can “plant” them at the baseboards. Others are stem-free blooms that can be placed anywhere in the room. Keep in mind that you can combine varieties for a colorful, flower themed room.

Botanical Garden
Not all wall decal gardens have to be cute! You can find many nature themed wall decals that suit sophisticated, adult tastes. For example, cherry blossom branch wall decals and bamboo decals bring the serenity and beauty of a botanical garden into any room of your home.

Beach Home
Wall decals are a charming way to give your home a light, beach-like atmosphere. You can find an assortment of tropical leaf decals that can be hung in clusters or alone as accents. Or, you can add a vibrant grove of tropical trees. Large, single palm tree wall decals are also an attractive choice.

Forests and Meadows
Bring the outdoors in with tree and grass wall decals. Try adding a strip of green grass above the baseboard to create a lovely meadow in your child’s playroom or bedroom. Add a grove of trees to an accent wall, or a single tree behind your couch. You can find a huge variety of tree wall decals to suit any decorating scheme.

Changing Seasons
Since wall decals are so affordable and easy to apply, you can switch them up to celebrate the changing seasons. Colorful flower decals and leafy tree decals are perfect tributes to spring and summer. A cluster of autumn leaves gives your home a cozy feel for fall. Barren or abstract trees look lovely in winter—and don’t forget that you can combine them with holiday themed wall decals! With all of the color options available, it’s easy to find wall decals to fit the seasons.

Natural Accents
Any of these nature themed wall decal ideas can be used as accents. Add a single flower decal to your bathroom or beside your favorite reading chair. Add an ornate branch over your bed. Simple accents like these go a long way toward creating an appealing, memorable living space.

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