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Outer Space Wall Decal Pack


This wall decal pack is out of this world! This is perfect for a nursery, kids room, or any space themed room. You can fill an entire wall with this unique set! Comes in a pack for you to arrange the pieces exactly how you want. Pack includes an alien, 8 planets, 12 stars, a spaceship, a UFO and an astronaut! Colors come as shown, but contact us if you would like special colors.

Included pieces:
8 Planets: Ranging from 8×8 inches to 36×24 inches
12 Stars: 5×5 inches
UFO: 14×8 inches
Spaceship:8.5×14 inches
Astronaut: 8×14 inches
Alien: 12×12 inches

A squeegee is included in every order.

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