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Custom Wall Decals Offer That Perfect Addition To Your Room Décor

Custom Wall Decals Sometimes, when shopping for that perfect addition to your room décor, you just can’t find what you want. It may be an elusive chair that you need to fit perfectly into one little corner of the room, or it may be window treatments that come with just the right color and light filtration. Oftentimes, when on the hunt for that perfect little addition to your room, you can spend days driving from one store to the next. And as you contemplate what you’re spending on fuel and drive-through coffee drinks as you crisscross the city, you may find yourself wishing for a custom solution – one that’s just right.

In this era when everything is manufactured in mass quantities, custom furnishings and window treatments are often difficult to come by. The same goes for artwork (unless you have a niece or nephew in art school and they’re amenable to crafting you a truly unique wall hanging). Fortunately, custom wall decals are always available.

Wall decals have fast become the go-to wall treatment in homes across the U.S. Made from high-quality matte vinyl, and available in a variety of categories and sizes, wall decals are easy to shop for and effortless to put up on almost any wall in your home or office. You can design your own custom wall decals with images from family photos or any other snapshot you favor. You can also get custom wall decals made up from a name (personal or business brand) or a favorite quote.

Custom image wall decals are a favorite with home decorators, given the ease of turning a much-loved family photo into a beautiful piece of full-color wall art. And, through Wall Decal World, all common image formats are accepted in the creation of custom image wall decals. Wall Decal World accepts JPEG, TIFF, PNG, EPS, and PSD (Adobe Photoshop). Wall Decal World even accepts image uploads in AI (Adobe Illustrator) and PDF (Adobe Acrobat). So, if you can shoot a photo – color or black and white – you can have Wall Decal World turn it into a beautiful piece of custom wall decal art. Sizes from 12 inches to 60 inches are available. See our Custom Wall Decals page for image resolutions and sizes.

Thought about adding a child’s name to their bedroom wall? Ever thought about having the family surname adorn the wall over the fireplace mantle? Custom wall decals allow you to create a name for any space in your home. You can have a custom wall decal created with a first, middle, and last name (or any combination). You can also have the name printed in a wide variety of colors, fonts, and sizes. See the Custom Name Wall Decals page at Wall Decal World for details.

“There’s no place like home.”  That memorable line from The Wizard of Oz spoken by actress Judy Garland is one of the most memorable quotes in movie history. And it should come as no surprise that many have used the famous line in their home décor. You can have that quote or any other famous saying turned into an eye-catching piece of wall art through our Custom Quote Wall Decal process. As with custom name decals, you can have your favorite quote in a variety of colors, fonts, and sizes. See the Custom Quote page at Wall Decal World for more details.

Wall Decal World offers a wide variety of decorating options through custom wall decals and many unique stock designs. Each wall decal is made from high-quality matte vinyl, and Wall Decal World includes a squeegee with every order to make putting up your decorations a breeze. You can call Wall Decal World at (866) 456-5316 or e-mail us at [email protected] for answers to your custom wall decal questions!

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