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5 Ways to Customize a Nursery While Renting

Violet Chevron Wall Decal BorderRenting an apartment or house often means being limited with what you can add to your walls. You must be creative when brainstorming how to make your nursery feel personalized while also following your landlords rules. Below are some fun and easy ideas to add some life to your plain white walls.

1. Custom Canvas Artwork: Canvas prints are a beautiful way to display photos on a wall. They pop more than regular framed image do and are high quality. You can create your own artwork to have printed, use a maternity photography that you love, or have a picture of your baby when they are first born. Sizes can vary from being a small accent piece or be large enough to be the main artwork for a wall.

2. Customize your Furniture: Add color and originality to the furniture in your nursery. You don’t have to buy the newest furniture to have a unique, custom nursery! Go to garage sales and thrift stores to find pieces with potential and make them your own. You can do this with paint, or for something less permanent, you can find cute small decals to add to your furniture. For example, you can add a set of butterflies or ladybugs to a dresser. This helps to keep the theme of your room cohesive throughout the furniture. Another way to customize your furniture is to hand-make a blanket or comforter. It adds a special touch and is something that can be kept for a long time.

3. Incorporate Personal Touches: Instead of buying things to decorate your nursery, use items from your childhood! Do you still hold on to your favorite doll or teddy bear? What better way to personalize your child’s nursery than adding a few childhood memories of your own! Even adding your own baby picture next to your new baby is a very cute and inexpensive way to add some style!

4. Add Wall Decals: You can easily add personalized to your walls with wall decals! They are perfect for renting because nothing is left behind and no nail holes to clean up! You do custom photos, monograms, or any other ideas you have for your nursery! For even more originality, you can get creative by adding a cute frame around your decal. This will draw more attention to it and make it truly unique! You can also add a full chevron wall decal border that will almost looked painted on! This is a good replacement for wallpaper or paint.

5. Accent Colors: White walls may seem boring, but they give you a blank canvas to work with! Add touches of other colors with the white walls to set the mood of the room. You don’t have to have yellow walls to create a cheerful, gender neutral room. Add touches of paint to furniture, wall decals, canvases, and frames to the walls, find a bedspread you love, and you have yourself a unique nursery! It is all about being creative! Having a hard time picking colors? Check out our blog post that was all about color!

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