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5 Common Custom Wall Decal Questions

Custom cut out company logoWe get many of the same questions from our customers regarding our custom wall decals. When companies order their logo or a family orders their favorite photo, we at Wall Decal World know you want to make sure it turns out perfect! Below are our 5 most common questions and answers for your future custom wall decals.

1. What will the actual size of my wall decal be if I order “X” size?
Our wall decal sizes range from 12 inches – 60 inches. When you select, for example, our 48 inch option, your wall decal will be 48 inches on the longest side and then proportionally sized on the shorter size. Take a look at your artwork. Is it longer left to right or up and down? If it is longer left to right, it will be 48 inches left to right and proportionally tall up and down. It depends on your artwork how tall it will be exactly. We don’t want to skew your artwork so it will be printed as you are seeing it. If your artwork ends up being exactly 48×48 that is fine too! We just don’t go larger than the size you order on either side, so the maximum size for a 48 inch is 48×48 inches. We can also do larger than listed on the website. Talk to us about that if you are interested in a custom size.

2. I have a few different files, which one should I upload when I order?
Our favorite file to have is the original file. Do you have a logo that someone made for you or can you contact your art department? The person who made the logo or artwork should have an AI (Adobe Illustrator) or an EPS file. These are the best files to have because they are vector artwork, meaning they can be blown up to any size without losing the quality. JPEGs, PNGs, and TIFF files all have pixels in them, so when you blow them up larger than they are meant to, they start to blur. If you are uploading an image, make sure it was taken with a good camera and is also the original image from the camera. When you upload images to websites (Facebook, Shutterfly etc.), they downsize them. We want to provide the best quality wall decals for you and to do so we need the best file. Feel free to contact us if you still aren’t sure if your file type will work. We would be happy to look over it before you place your order.

3. Does the wall decal come ready to go on the wall?
Of course! We think our installation instructions provide a good visual for how the wall decal will come ( You will get those installation instructions with your wall decal along with a squeegee to help you. You wall decal will come with a paper backing that you will take off during installation, the decal itself, and a masking/transfer tape that is on top of the decal and will also eventually be removed. Most customers find that once they have the decal, it makes more sense and ends up being a pretty simple process.

4. Do I want to keep the background or delete it?
When ordering your custom wall decal, you have two options. You can keep the background or delete the background (cut out background). Our keep background option means your wall decal will be a rectangle (or if it a circle, it will be a circle). This option is meant for photo murals or if your company has a background around your logo and want it to just be printed as a simple rectangle. Our cut out background option is the most popular. Logos that have any text or any design you want cut needs to select cut out background. This option gives you more of a painted on look rather than a banner look. Uploading a PNG file does not quality for image as already being cut out. We still have to add in the cut lines and our printer has to cut it out for you, regardless of the file. The featured image in the post is a cut out background logo.

5. Can you print our company color?
Yes! We can use any of our stock 36 colors as well as any color you want on our full-color printer! Printers print CMYK colors so if you have a pantone color or a RGB color, know that it will be converted to CMYK. This is usually not a very big difference at all.

Wall Decal World offers a wide variety of decorating options through custom wall decals and many unique stock designs. Each wall decal is made from high-quality matte vinyl, and Wall Decal World includes a squeegee with every order to make putting up your decorations a breeze. You can call Wall Decal World at (866) 456-5316 or e-mail us at [email protected] for answers to your custom wall decal questions!

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