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Decorating for your 4th of July Party

Fireworks Wall DecalsEveryone loves a good 4th of July party on a beautiful summer day! Get ready for your party with our 5 decorating tips. These are inexpensive and fun ways to brighten things up for the big grill out with friends and family!

1. Bright Colors: Add little touches of red, white and blue around your house. A little splash of color on a pillow or a wall art piece can go a long way! You don’t need to redecorate your whole room for every season. Just add little pieces of the season to accent what you already have.

2. Food: One of the best parts of a 4th of July party is the food! Do a quick Google or Pinterest search for 4th of July recipes and you will be amazed at all the different ideas there are out there! From red and blue cake pops to patriotic fruit punch to a strawberry/blueberry dessert, the possibilities are endless!

3. Wall Decals: At Wall Decal World, we have 2 different popular 4th of July wall decals in our stock. We carry a fireworks wall decal and an American flag wall decal. We also have polka dots in red, white and blue that could make for a fun and inexpensive pop of color. Decals work inside and can be used outside (although they don’t last as long) and can be perfect for a party. You can use them on any flat surface such as a table, a wall or any other smooth surface.

4. Front Door Decor: This is the first place your guests will see. Make a statement! Try a cute wreath or a fun banner that shows your American pride! You can even buy supplies and put one together yourself if you are feeling crafty.

5. Outfit: A 4th of July party is incomplete without a cute red, white and blue outfit! Mix and match your clothes to make a colorful 4th of July look. Many stores also offer great patriotic outfits such as Old Navy. A little pop of patriotic colors with your accessories (headbands, scarves, necklaces etc.) can also be very chic.

Wall Decal World offers a wide variety of decorating options through custom wall decals and many unique stock designs. Each wall decal is made from high-quality matte vinyl, and Wall Decal World includes a squeegee with every order to make putting up your decorations a breeze. You can call Wall Decal World at (866) 456-5316 or e-mail us at [email protected] for answers to your custom wall decal questions!

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